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Last Updated 08-Jan-2004

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This is Colin's Australian-delivered S15 Spec-S

colin15.jpg (40670 bytes)

Tony has updated from an S14 to an S15 Spec-R.

Stock this week, but I suspect that will change

tony-s15.jpg (54089 bytes)

David's S15 Spec-S

Wilson Lim's S15 Silvia Spec-R Aero  is a low-volume import.

Apexi Auto Turbo Timer
Apexi N1 Cat-back exh
Apexi Power intake filter
Turbosmart BOV II

lim_s15.jpg (154470 bytes)

Damien's S15 Spec-S

Chris owns this stock S15.  I hear he has big plans for it


If you look very closely, this 200SX has an exhaust on the right hand side as well!

twinpipesx.jpg (63582 bytes)

Well after 2 years, I found out the cat belongs to Alan.  It also features:

Apexi Intercooler
6 Nismo 550cc Injectors
Greddy Profec
Apex Springs
Apexi Wheels
Nardi Wheel
Razo Knob & Pedals

blown_away2.jpg (493110 bytes)

From Mazdude

mazdude_sx.jpg (33467 bytes)

My S14a 200SX a few weeks after I took delivery!

Stock (at the time) but for wheels and springs

More details on my personal web

cm357.jpg (28514 bytes)

Bjorn's 200SX at Sunset AZEV wheels
EIBACH springs
BOSIMA endpipes
More boost

n200-redskies2.jpg (48870 bytes)

Richard's 95 has Konis, lowered springs and a full Alpine sound system

rlg1.jpg (572898 bytes)

Kevin owns this '97

TRUST Airlinx air filter
Apexi N1 full exhaust with 4" tip
AVO front mount intercooler
Cusco front brace & master cylinder stopper
Apexi Super AFC
18" ASA wheels / Falken ziex tyres
Koni adj.shocks
Apex 2.5" lowered springs
VeilSide kit with Hybrid rear wing
TRUST turbo timer


kcar2.jpg (79840 bytes)

Tony owned this '97
King Dragon pod filter
Blitz NUR Spec cat back exhaust
Custom dump &front pipe with hi-flow cat
Turbosmart type-II BOV
Custom front-mounted intercooler
Blitz Dual SBC
Apexi Super AFC
Whiteline lowered springs
Whiteline front swaybar
Nismo 270R Body Kit

tony-nismo.jpg (211477 bytes)

The Long/Long 200SX in the 2000 Targa Tasmania Prologue Stage

howard_long_targa.jpg (18456 bytes)

The Growcott/Milburn 200SX-R in the 2000 Targa Tasmania Prologue Stage

douglas_growcott_targa.jpg (26425 bytes)

Michael owns this 1999 200SX in Germany.  So far he has added a Sony sound system and BBS 17" wheels

eggers.jpg (57287 bytes)

Jenny owns this '97 240SX LE.  She has a web page dedicated to the car as well

jenny_lee.jpg (95406 bytes)

Chris owns this mildly modified 200 with an edge kit and hybrid wing.

chris.jpg (109556 bytes)

This is George's S14

georgek.jpg (47140 bytes)

Here's Anthony's S14

18" Rims
HKS coilovers
R32 GT-R brakes
HKS exhaust & intake
Garrett GT25 Turbo
Apexi intercooler
Apexi S-AFC & S-ITC


200drive3.jpg (48343 bytes)

This 240SX belongs to Tony.  It features:
Eibach Springs
Enkei 17" Wheels
A full sound system
Black paint

tdimatteo.jpg (89983 bytes)

Paul's car features a Nismo 270R body kit

paulg.jpg (23843 bytes)

John's car features:
highly polished 17" rims
3" exhaust
front-mounted intercooler
remapped ECU

johnl.jpg (127341 bytes)

Kaine's 200SX

kaine.jpg (53292 bytes)

This 317HP S14a belongs to Travis.  It features:
Full HKS Exhaust
Turbosmart bleed valve
Fueltronics ECU update
K&N Filter
Royal Purple Oil

travis05.jpg (51044 bytes)

Raymond's S14a has a spectacular rear wing on it.

wong_sx.JPG (220717 bytes)

From the Canary Is comes Oscar's stock S14.

oscar_sx.jpg (94222 bytes)

Craig owns this 1995 S14
HKS GT2540 Turbo
HKS 1.2mm Head Gasket
HKS EVC-II Boost Controller
HKS Blow-Off Valve
Blitz Intercooler Kit
5Zigen Exhaust
Nismo 440cc Injectors
R33 GT-R Fuel Pump
300ZX Flow Meter
K&N Filter
St May Air Cover
ChipTorque Chip
C's Shifter
OS Clutch
King Springs
Bilstein Shocks
Apexi Carbon Strut Brace
AVS Wheels
Alpine Stereo

12pla_front.jpg (47652 bytes)

Nick owns this S14a.  The numberplate "SX" is for sale.  Contact him directly if you're interested.

sx.jpg (28095 bytes)
sx2.jpg (32844 bytes)

Brendan's S14 features an Edge front bar and Nizpro 3" exhaust

Joe sent me this photo from his 1995 240SX... 150mph.JPG (108443 bytes)
Sacha owns this Japanese import Silvia in the Cayman Islands.  It features:
TRUST Cat-back Exhaust
Turbo XS Boost Control
Weapon R Induction Kit
TRUST Turbo Timer
Apexi WS Damper Kit
C-West Front Bar
TRUST Rear Wing
ADR 18" Wheels

Daniel's S14a features:

Turbonetics T3/T4 hybrid turbo
Garrett 42mm wastegate
TRUST Profec
Sub-Zero intercooler
Tanabe G-Power Exhaust
Bosch 550cc injectors
R32 GT-R fuel pump
J.E. forged pistons
C's short shifter
Microtech MT8 ECU
Apexi filter
Apexi springs
Apexi shocks
Apexi carbon strut brace
Work 18" wheels

Dennis owns this clean-looking 240SX

Saint comes from Hiroshima (Japan) and drives this SR20DE-powered Silvia Q's with a Nardi Wheel and Apexi Turbo Timer

David's S14a has a lot of work done to it including:
Alpine Stereo
Autometer Boost Gauge
Full Whiteline Suspension
Greddy Turbo Timer
HKS Exhaust
18" Alstadt wheels
Trust air filter
Hybrid intercooler
Turbosmart BOV



Razz is an American living in Japan.

1994 180SX (SR20DET)
HKS GT2540 Turbo
TRUST intercooler


razz_180sx.jpg (25234 bytes) Macky owned this low-volume import S13 complete with SR20DET macky-s13.jpg (29676 bytes)

Wayne's SR20DET-powered 1992 240SX

tristar-x.jpg (35699 bytes) Ralph has also bolted an S13 SR20DET into his 1994 240SX, and gone to town with modifications.  See his web page for details ralph-240.jpg (44106 bytes)
Tim is another Swede, with this S13.  It features an Eribuni front bar treville_front.jpg (227834 bytes) Here's the Eribuni rear wing on Tim's car treville_rear.jpg (225126 bytes)
Golders owns this S13 200SX in the UK.  He also asks you to check out his web site Marina and her 1990 PS13 200SX are from Innsbruck, Austria dina_org.jpg (178172 bytes)
This is Arturo's S13 Silvia Marcel's Silvia is just beginning it's evolution.  The 1991 car has a 2.5" exhaust, K&N filter, strut brace, boost gauge and a booster bracket.

Still to come are a T28 turbo and monster intercooler

mysilvia.jpg (306899 bytes)
Joseph's stock S13 convertible 240SX shows you don't need a lot of work to look good, just care and patience wholey_240sx.jpg (180416 bytes) This is Elliott's S13 coupe, stock mechanicals with a killer sound system sun_e_day_s13.jpg (312630 bytes)
Here's Shaun's 92 240SX with a Japanese-spec SR20DET and:
Greddy Profec EBC
ACT Clutch
Short Shifter
Greddy Intercooler
Blitz BOV
300ZX Diff
TRUST dump pipe
Apexi N1 Exhaust
Apexi Multichecker
Autometer Gauges
RS*R Springs
KYB Shocks
Axis 17" Rims
Pilot braces
Jørgen owns this S13 in Norway:

Garrett T25/T28 turbo
Front-mounted intercooler
3-inch exhaust
Performance clutch
HKS dump valve
Turbo XS boost controller
K&N 57i kit
Electric fan
Progressive rate fuel regulator
Bosch fuel pump
From Hong Kong comes Imran's 1.8 turbo with:
GAB Suspension
Cosworth Body Kit
5-Spoke Alloys
Erwin is located in the Netherlands.  This S13 features:
16" Speedline wheels
Postert exhaust
Nissan wing
Boost gauge
Oil temp gauge
Koni suspension (35mm down)
Painted engine parts
Painted turn signals
Stinger radar detector
Mathieu from Montreal owns this '91 240SX with:
17" Enkei wheels
Hankook tyres
ADR Wing
Ractive air filter
Clear front lights
Eibach springs
Momo steering wheel
Pilot short shifter
White-face gauges
Universal stainless muffler
Hand-modified tail lights
Blue headlights
Sony Xplod audio


Thomas has this CA18DET powered S12.  Check out his web pages at

img005.jpg (46976 bytes)

Mike owns this 1984 S12.  He replaced the US-Spec engine with an SR20DE from and S13 Silvia.  His web page details the conversion

miker_200.jpg (31151 bytes)

This is Chris' twin-plug S12

crfisher200sx.jpg (91714 bytes)

F. Khan owns this 1987 200SX-XE in the Canada.  He tells us he's added the following:

Silver/Gold reflective pinstriping
EWING 3-piece custom wheels from Japan
MONZA dual chrome tip exhaust
Front & rear spoilers from GM cars of various years
Hood scoops
Bass-kicking sound system

87-200sx-xe coupe.jpg (529717 bytes)

Quinton lives in Queensland and owns this Twin-plug Gazelle    

S11's & S110's

From Georgia in the USA.  This S110 Datsun 200SX, belongs to Thomas.

datsun200sx1.jpg (63816 bytes)


In Mexico, the S10 was sold as a "Sakura".  Jonatan owns this one

sakura.jpg (66305 bytes)