S11 & S110



S14 & S14a


Thomas this CA18DET powered S12.  Check out his web pages at http://members.aol.com/nissansilvia049
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Mike owns this 1984 S12.  He replaced the US-Spec engine with an SR20DE from and S13 Silvia.  His web page details the conversion
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This is Chris' twin-plug S12
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F. Khan owns this 1987 200SX-XE in the Canada.  He tells us he's added the following:

Silver/Gold reflective pinstriping
EWING 3-piece custom wheels from Japan
MONZA dual chrome tip exhaust
Front & rear spoilers from GM cars of various years
Hood scoops
Bass-kicking sound system
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Quinton lives in Queensland and owns this Twin-plug Gazelle
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From Merry old England comes Bob's S12 Silvia.  The list of mods is too long to list here, but with a completely rebuilt engine, T3 turbo, intercooler etc it produces 285HP at the wheels.
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There must be something in the water in the UK.  Stella's S12 (1.8l) has 350HP at the wheels!
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Mark's Gazelle actually went down in capacity, but up in power:

Microtech Digi Pro ECU
Skyline/Bluebird F/R brakes
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Ross owns this pristine final series 200SX with the 170HP VG30E from the USA
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Placcido goes by the name of "Mr Plus".  His S12 Gazelle is pretty standard for now, but he has plans for a CA18DET soon...
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Mark is a Queensland-based S12 owner.  His SGL Gazelle features:

2" Stainless Steel Mandrel-bent exhaust
Pioneer sound system
Blue neons
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Will's S12 features:

K&N Pod
180SX Rear Pods
3" Exhaust
Monster intercooler
Speedy Hiperfang Rims
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Hidden away in Chicago is this showroom condition 200SX SE with a mere 26,800 miles on the clock since 1988!
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