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Razz is an American living in Japan.

1994 180SX (SR20DET)
HKS GT2540 Turbo
TRUST intercooler
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Macky owned this low-volume import S13 complete with SR20DET
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Wayne's SR20DET-powered 1992 240SX
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Ralph has also bolted an S13 SR20DET into his 1994 240SX, and gone to town with modifications.  See his web page for details
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Tim is another Swede, with this S13.  It features an Eribuni front bar
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Here's the Eribuni rear wing on Tim's car
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Golders owns this S13 200SX in the UK.  He also asks you to check out his web site
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Marina and her 1990 PS13 200SX are from Innsbruck, Austria
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This is Arturo's S13 Silvia
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Marcel's Silvia is just beginning it's evolution.  The 1991 car has a 2.5" exhaust, K&N filter, strut brace, boost gauge and a booster bracket.   Still to come are a T28 turbo and monster intercooler
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Joseph's stock S13 convertible 240SX shows you don't need a lot of work to look good, just care and patience
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This is Elliott's S13 coupe, stock mechanicals with a killer sound system
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Here's Shaun's 92 240SX with a Japanese-spec SR20DET and:

Greddy Profec EBC
ACT Clutch
Short Shifter
Greddy Intercooler
Blitz BOV
300ZX Diff
TRUST dump pipe
Apexi N1 Exhaust
Apexi Multichecker
Autometer Gauges
RS*R Springs
KYB Shocks
Axis 17" Rims
Pilot braces
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Jørgen owns this S13 in Norway:

Garrett T25/T28 turbo
Front-mounted intercooler
3-inch exhaust
Performance clutch
HKS dump valve
Turbo XS boost controller
K&N 57i kit
Electric fan
Progressive rate fuel regulator
Bosch fuel pump
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From Hong Kong comes Imran's 1.8 turbo with:

GAB Suspension
Cosworth Body Kit
5-Spoke Alloys
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Erwin is located in the Netherlands.  This S13 features:

16" Speedline wheels
Postert exhaust
Nissan wing
Boost gauge
Oil temp gauge
Koni suspension (35mm down)
Painted engine parts
Painted turn signals
Stinger radar detector
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Mathieu from Montreal owns this '91 240SX with:
17" Enkei wheels
Hankook tyres
ADR Wing
Ractive air filter
Clear front lights
Eibach springs
Momo steering wheel
Pilot short shifter
White-face gauges
Universal stainless muffler
Hand-modified tail lights
Blue headlights
Sony Xplod audio
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Kyle from the USA has turbocharged this S13 240SX:

East Bear mirrors and spoiler
AB Flug headlights
300ZX brakes
Corbeau seats
Four-point rollcage
Japanese taillights
Momo steering wheel
Lots of gauges
Viscous LSD
1.75" springs
Tokico shocks
T4 turbocharger
Custom intercooler
Greddy Profec-B
Greddy turbo timer
MSD 50lb/hr injectors
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Yew is a student in Melbourne and pretty proud of his 180SX
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Here's Andrew's normally-aspirated 180SX.  Somehow I don't think it will stay stock for long...
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Christian's S13 200SX can be spotted in Birr, Switzerland and it features:

40mm lowered Weitec Springs
RH Wheels
Blow-off valve
2 x 90mm Laser muffler
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Paul has spent a lot of effort on the braking and handling abilities of his 1990 240SX.   He assures us he can pull up easily from the  speeds shown
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Jobata lives in Los Angeles and his SR20DET-powered 240SX is sponsored by Bomex.

Recaro Seats
Bomex Body Kit
Tein Suspension
Advan 17" Rims
Front Intercooler
5Zigen Exhaust
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Cheddar's UK-based S13 200SX
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From New Zealand comes Mark's pristine S13, sold as a 200SX in his homeland.
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Ross owns this very original RPS13 240SX in the USA
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Juan's 180SX features:

T3 Turbo
Spearco intercooler
Autometer gauges
2" Drop springs
Erubuni bodykit
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In South Africa, they officially got the RPS13 200SX, even though it had a 1.8 litre engine.

With 150,000Km on board, Satish's  standard 1989 model looks great.
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Daniel owns this 1990 K's with:

CA18DET Engine
HKS Dragger exhaust
HKS Turbo
HKS Blow-off valve
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