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Updated February 11, 2005

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S11 & S110



S14 & S14a


This is Colin's Australian-delivered S15 Spec-S
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Tony has updated from an S14 to an S15 Spec-R.

More recently we got a photo of the car wearing:

Apexi Aluminium airbox
Apexi Power intake
HKS Dual dump pipe
Apexi Front pipe
Fujitsubo RM01A exhaust
Apexi WS Dampers
DTM 18" rims
C-West Body kit
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David's S15 Spec-S
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Wilson Lim's S15 Silvia Spec-R Aero  is a low-volume import.

Apexi Auto Turbo Timer
Apexi N1 Cat-back exh
Apexi Power intake filter
Turbosmart BOV II
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Damien's S15 Spec-S
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Chris owns this stock S15.  I hear he has big plans for it
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Linus' S15 Spec S features:
C-West GT Wing
5Zigen Fireball exhaust (Cat-back)
Croydon Autosports Dump
Blitz Air Filter
Blitz Blow-Off Valve
Blitz Turbo Timer
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Josh has put a very serious sound system into his Sydney-based S15.  By the time you read this, an APS "JR2" kit will probably have been installed!
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Ian's S15 Spec-R
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Here's Noel's Brisbane-based S15:
Custom 3" Mandrel-bent exhaust
Blitz Turbo Timer/Boost Gauge
K&N pod Filter
Whiteline strut brace
Trial front bar
Nismo clear side indicators
JVC MP3/CD Player
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Mark's S15 is "pretty stock" right now.  Take a look at for more details
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Daisuke lives in Osaka and has this modified Silvia which is raced at Ti circuit Aida
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Matty drives this stock S15 around Western Sydney
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Here's Aaron's S15:
3" Full Exhaust
Pod Filter
Boost Controller
Whiteline Suspension

Aaron and ICF are the folks who supply the stickers.  It's about time we showed you his S15
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Gezz's Melbourne-based S15
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David's Spec-R GT was spotted on Melbourne's Chapel St
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Hanick lives in Singapore, and imported this Japanese-market Silvia from New Zealand.  So far it's got:
HKS Type 1 Timer
Apexi Rev/Speed Meter
HKS Air Filter
Pioneer head unit
Rockford Amps
Bazooka Bass tube
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Gerald's S15 outside it's resting place.
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This is Josh's second S15.  The first one had an unfortunate demise involving local fauna.

The new one is the former APS development car, built to JR2 specifications.
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Marcos runs around country New South Wales in this new S15 Spec R GT
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Chanh lives in Melbourne.  His S15 is stock, but we know how these things have a habit or changing...
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This is "Project S15" from the Saiyasart Team
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Mike's S15 features:
17" Advan Rims
HKS Drager II 3.75" exhaust
Cusco strut brace
Apexi T-Max  suspension
HKS SSV Blow-off valve
Turbosmart boost controller (12psi)
K&N Filter
Blitz FATT Timer
Custom gearshift
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K's car features:
17" AMG Matrix rims
Cusco front strut brace
TRUST pod filter
Blitz BOV
UniChip + Boost Control
Apexi Boost Gauge & RSM
Levoc turbo timer
JVC MP3 Stereo

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Joe's heavily modified S15 Silvia makes 275HP at the wheels in South America
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Greg hails from the UK, and drives this Japanese-spec Silvia (not officially imported) in a non-standard Silver-Blue
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Here's David's Melbourne-based S15.  It's standard, but he added "for now"...
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Jill can be seen around Western Australia:
Magnaflow 3" Exhaust
Go Fast Bits Blow-Off Valve
Whiteline suspension
Techart 17" wheels and Khumo tyres
Check her website:
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Paul has lavished time and care on his Spec-S GT
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Ron's S15
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Jon's S15 features:
Blitz Sus Power Titanium Induction
300zx AFM
Blitz Drift Exhaust Front Pipe Back
HKS Dump Pipe
whiteline strut brace in front
whiteline rear sway bar
whiteline suspension
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Here's the Cairns Autobarn S15:

Blitz FMIC
Blitz NUR Spec-V Exhaust
Blitz 550cc injectors
Blitz BOV
Full custom stereo with TV and DVD
Veilside Body Kit
UniChip Engine Management
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Matt's S15 has:

Blitz Intercooler
Blitz Filter
Trust Boost Controller
Apexi AFC
3" Exhaust

It also shows 196KW at the wheels.
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Mike's S15 can easily be seen on the roads of New Zealand with it's undercar neons!
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Young writes this about his Spec-R GT:

NISMO Clear Side Indicator
NISMO Radiator Cap
NISMO Fuel Filler Cap
Front Strut Brace
Nissan (Factory Upgrade) Rear Strut Brace
Chrome 18 Rims
Chrome Rear Tail Lamp
Alpine DVD/MP3 Player

Coming forward upgrades:
NIMSO Stabilizer
NIMSO Air Meter
Apexi Brake Rotor
Blitz N1 Exhaust
Cusco Master Brake Cylinder Stopper
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