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Updated November 23, 2012

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September 30, 2012

Today is our 15th anniversary of going online.

I had no idea what would happen when I sat down to write that first page back in 1997, and it still amazes me some of the achievements this community has come up with:

There are a few people and organisations who deserve to be acknowledged for their contributions over the years:

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This list contains many modifications which may void your vehicle's warranty, or even be illegal in some areas. It is your responsibility to check the validity, safety and legality of anything in this list.

Please note that opinions and information expressed here may not be that of Nissan Motor Corporation, it's dealers or subsidiaries. In fact, much of what you find here will give them heart failure. Mistakes or omissions are most likely mine, and are certainly not intentional. No responsibilty will be accepted for the accuracy or reliability of information contained within these pages.  Please address comments, suggestions, corrections or material to be included to me

0 - What's in this list?

I tried to find one of these but there didn't seem to be one. Guess I'll just have to write my own...
Information has been culled from a lot of sources. Where someone sends me some material I will try to acknowledge them in some way.

0.1    Who writes this stuff?

That would be me.  I'm Chris Moran, and this site started out as a hobby when I couldn't find much information in English on the Silvia and 200SX.  It's not all my own ideas or research, others contribute and I credit their information on the pages.  You can reach me at chris_dot_moran@200sx_dot_org

Want to know more about my car?  Take a look at:

0.2    Who is "Team DotOrg"?

Team DotOrg is the legal entity which controls Beyond that, you don't need to worry...

1 - Background

1.1 What is a 200SX?
1.2 Why "Silvia"?
1.3 History
1.4 What are the differences in the cars?
1.5 Where did the boost gauge go on the Australian cars?
1.6 What others say about the car.
1.7 What about owner's clubs?
1.8 What about the convertible?
1.9 Why is it a 240SX in America?
1.10 What about the 4WD version?
1.11 Why isn't there much information on the North American S12 200SX?

2 - Performance

2.1 What's under the hood?
2.2 What'll she do mister?
2.3 What's the standard boost?
2.4 What are the gear ratios?

3 - Enhancements

3.1 What do all these words and letters mean?
3.2 How can I improve the roadholding of my car?
3.3 What's a popular development plan?
3.4 Are there "chips" available for my car?
3.5 What needs to be done to the brakes?
3.6 What's a cold air duct?
3.7 How do I install a boost gauge?
3.8 How do I install an oil pressure gauge?
3.9 What Do-it-yourself electronic add-ons are there?
3.10 What's a bleed valve?
3.11 What's the CONSULT port and how can it help me?
3.12 How can I mount a video camera in the car?
3.13 Will an RB26DETT fit in my engine bay?
3.14 Where can I find a manual for a ... ?
3.15 I'm on a budget, how can I improve my car?
3.16 How big is the stock intercooler and should I replace it?
3.17 Where can I get a comparison of alternative ECUs?
3.18 What's this about a free boost upgrade?
3.19 My clutch is wearing out, what are my options?
3.20 Can I buy a clutch for my S15 which suits a SR20DET, e.g. from an S13/S14 Silvia/200SX?
3.21 What modifications are legal?
3.22 Where do I get a Japanese Number (Licence) Plate for my car?
3.23 Where do I buy performance parts?

4 - Living with a 200SX

4.1 What precautions should I take?
4.2 My car feels "nervous" when cornering...
4.3 How do I set that %$#^! bottom airbox clip?
4.4 Why can't I get full boost in 1st gear?
4.5 What is it with the headlights on the S14a?
4.6 Something in my engine "rattles" when I take off sometimes.
4.7 I fitted a blow-off valve and my car blows smoke on the overrun.
4.8 How do I clean the Air Flow Meter?
4.9 How do I get the rear brake pistons back into the callipers?
4.10 Is my car "Y2K compliant"?
4.11 How do I get a service manual?
4.12 How do I read ECU Fault Codes?
4.13 How do I read ABS Fault Codes?
4.14 What's this about cracked exhaust manifolds?
4.15 Where can I find pin-outs for the ECU?
4.16 Where can I find pin-outs for the Auto Controller?
4.17 How do I turn off the "Sensor" light on an S12?
4.18 Where do I get insurance?
4.19 How do I change the gearbox?
4.20 Is it true that turbo timers are illegal in Australia?
4.21 Can you tell me how to change my engine oil?

5 - Administrivia

5.1 Could you please add a picture of my car?
5.2 Can I link to this page?
5.3 Can I get an answer by E-Mail?
5.4 Is there a mailing list I can join?
5.5 Great!  Is the mailing list archived anywhere?
5.6 How do I get a sticker?
5.7 Can I buy an "XYZ" part from
5.8 Can I use parts of on my website or publication?
5.9 Can I make a donation to this site?

6 - Links and References

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