5. Administrivia

Updated March 22, 2008

5.1 Could you please add a picture of my car?

Yes!  If you have a Nissan Silvia or 180SX, 200SX, 240SX You can send one (1) photograph of your car up to 640 x 480 resolution to chris.moran@200sx.org with a description of the car and what you've done to it.

The Gallery is available by clicking here or choosing "Gallery" from the main menu.

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5.2 Can I link to this page?

Please do. If you do this, how about sending me a mail to let me know.

To make it more fun, there are some banners you can use. Click here for details

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5.3 Can I get an answer by E-Mail?


I try to check this mail daily and I will answer the mail that I receive. However there's a couple of things I need to stress. Firstly, I do this in my own time, so sometimes, it might take a day or so to get back to you, particularly if I have to go and research the answer first. Secondly, I'm in Australia, so answers and opinions are usually based on what's happening in my part of the world. While I will do my best to answer, I can't always be up to date with the latest options on a 200SX in Sweden for example. If you find something here that's not right for you part of the world, please send E-Mail to chris_dot_moran@200sx_dot_org and I'll make the necessary corrections.

Please Note  Because of the amount of mail I receive every day (much of it junk) if you do not have a meaningful subject line on your mail, your mail will probably not be read.

Sorry to do this, but it is getting almost impossible to filter any other way.

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5.4 Is there a mailing list I can join?


Send mail to majordomo@emergent_dot_com_dot_au with a blank subject line.  In the body of the message, put

subscribe sx

for the technical/performance style list or
subscribe sx-chat

for the more social list

You will receive a confirmation mail back soon after.
Sign up to the sx list now!
Enter your e-mail address and click "Join"
Sign up to the sx-chat list now!
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To make it easier, you can use our web-based sign up tool to join the list.  Feel free to join any of the others as well!

To keep the lists under control, we use FireTrust's MailWasher products.  We invite you to try them for yourselves by clicking on the banner below (yes, the site does get a commission for referrals, but we have to keep it running somehow)

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5.5 Great! Is the list archived anywhere?

Sadly, for legal reasons (in other words to stop Chris getting sued), the archives were withdrawn.  It is a very sad reflection on the world today, but I have been left with no other choice.

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5.6 How do I get a www.200sx.org sticker?

ICF Pty Ltd and RUF Performance are sponsoring the group by making available professional looking stickers.  These are available in the following sizes:

Small: $A3.00 each (includes P&P)
Large: $A18.00 each (includes P&P)

contact stickers@200sx_dot_org for more details

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5.7 Can I buy an "XYZ" part from 200sx.org?

No,  200sx.org does not sell parts or services.  We have a small amount of brand merchandise available, but no parts.

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5.8 Can I use parts of 200sx.org on my website or publication?

For non-commercial purposes, I am happy for you to refer to this information or to include a reasonable excerpt thereof.  However, we ask that you quote us as a reference, and give credit where it is due.

This website is the result of a LOT of work from a small team who take their work very seriously.  They get really upset when people steal their work.  There is a copyright vested in this website, and as such commercial reproduction is prohibited without permission being obtained.  At the time of writing, no request to reproduce the material has been denied, and no request for payment has been made.  We're very reasonable about sharing this information, or it would not be on the web in the first place.  All we ask is to have credit given where appropriate.

Be warned:

We regularly examine the search engines and sites who are using our content without asking permission will find themselves on the receiving end of at the very least a "please explain" from our legal representatives.

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5.9 Can I make a donation to this site?

I have agonised over this for a long time, but the reality is I can't afford to keep doing this all by myself forever; so there are a number of ways you can help out:
  1. You could make a contribution of goods or services direct to the site.
  2. You could provide a service to the 200sx community that means I don't have to fund all, or part of that service.
  3. You could make a monetary contribution.  PayPal is one way to do this, which is becoming more popular.  To take advantage of this method, click on the button below:

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