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Last Updated June 17, 2008

Funny things start happening when people put cameras in cars.  Take a look for yourself, but be warned, these MPEG files take a considerable amount of time to download!  You might want to try the Windows Media versions.  Not quite as clear, but still pretty good.

I am resurrecting this page using the MSN Video Service, so the content will be in a state of flux at present while this happens.

Owner Scene Windows Media  (Small) MPEG/AVI (Pretty Big)
Bjørn Rudskogen (Norway) rudskogen_200sx.wmv rudskogen_200sx.mpg
Vaaler (Norway)
Passing 911's
Passing a couple of Lotus, MGF & Porsches vaaler2.avi
Chasing a 530HP 911 Turbo! vaaler993_long.avi
And PASSING said 911 vaaler993_short.avi
Chris Ford Proving Ground (Australia)
Video: 240Km per hour in a Nissan 200SX!
Heathcote Drags heathcote.wmv
Bendigo Airport bendigo.wmv
Calder National Cct calder.wmv
ThunderDome tdome.wmv
Avalon Airport
Video: Avalon Airport Sprint
John Willowbank jl_200sx.wmv jl_200sx.avi
jl_200sx_2.wmv jl_200sx_2.avi
Unknown 180SX Drift Car 180sx_drift.wmv

Want more?  Take a look at the main video library at for a range of motoring clips featuring cars other than SX's

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