200SX dot ORG Merchandise

Here's what we can offer right now:
WWW.200SX.ORG  Stickers

These are a high-quality item, and can be seen on great cars all over the world.


Plate-Frame Size:

Chrome finish on black background.  Just right for the back window, or under the registration plate.

First Sticker is FREE (Courtesy of Industrial and Commercial Finance)

Each extra sticker is $A3.00 (includes postage)

Window-sized sticker Window-Size:

Chrome finish without a background

$A15.00 each (includes postage)

Sales and enquiries for stickers are handled by ICF.  All enquiries should be directed to stickers@200sx.org    
Specialty Electronics

Some electronic parts for the Silvia are becoming harder to find.  200SX.ORG is working to locate suitable alternatives and offer them at a realistic price.
Replacement Ignition Transistor Module!
A universal replacement module is being developed especially for 200sx.org. More reliable and a fraction of the cost of the genuine item.
Designed and manufactured right here in Australia
Retail price should be under $A100 including postage.
We will update this shortly

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If you are interested in these items, or have other suggestions, please contact "store@200sx.org"


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