ECU Fault Codes

This is a generic list of Nissan Fault Codes. (looks like they use the same basic ECU in most models).  Not all codes will be reported by all models

Meaning 12
11 Camshaft Position Sensor
Air Flow Meter
13 Coolant Temperature Sensor
14 Vehicle Speed Sensor
21 Ignition Signal
25 IACV - AAC Valve
26 Boost Pressure Sensor
31 ECM Fault
32 Exhaust Gas Recirculation System
33 Front EGO Sensor (O2-1 Sensor)
34 Knock Sensor
35 EGR Temperature Sensor
36 EGR BPT Valve
37 Closed Loop System
41 Intake Air Temperature Sensor
43 Throttle Position Sensor
54 Signal from Auto Transmission
55 Other Malfunction.  CONSULT Terminal Required
63 Cylinder 6 Misfire (?)
64 Cylinder 5 Misfire (?)
65 Cylinder 4 Misfire
66 Cylinder 3 Misfire
67 Cylinder 2 Misfire
68 Cylinder 1 Misfire
71 Random Misfire
72 TW Catalyst System
76 Fuel Injection System
77 Rear EGO Sensor (O2-2)
82 Crank Position Sensor
84 Automatic Transmission Diagnostic Comms Line
95 Crank Position Cog
98 Coolant Temperature Sensor
103 Park/Neutral Switch
105 EGR Solenoid
111 Inhibitor Switch
112 Automatic Transmission Speed Sensor
113 Automatic Transmission 1st Signal
114 Automatic Transmission 2nd Signal
115 Automatic Transmission 3rd Signal
116 Automatic Transmission 4th Signal
118 Automatic Transmission Shift Solenoid Valve A
121 Automatic Transmission Shift Solenoid Valve B
123 Automatic Transmission Overrun Clutch Solenoid Valve
124 Automatic Transmission TOR Conv Solenoid Valve
125 Automatic Transmission Line Pressure Solenoid
126 Automatic Transmission Throttle Position Sensor
127 Automatic Transmission Engine Speed Signal
128 Automatic Transmission Fluid Temperature Sensor

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