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0 – What’s in this list?

I tried to find one of these but there didn’t seem to be one. Guess I’ll just have to write my own…
The information has been culled from a lot of sources. Where someone sends me some material I will try to acknowledge them in some way.

0.1 – Who writes this stuff?

That would be me.  I’m Chris Moran, and this site started out as a hobby when I couldn’t find much information in English on the Silvia and 200SX.  It’s not all my own ideas or research, others contribute and I credit their information on the pages.  You can reach me at chris DOT moran AT 200sx DOT org

0.2 – Who is “Team DotOrg”?

Team DotOrg is the legal entity which owns and controls 200sx.org. Beyond that, you don’t need to worry…

1.0 – Background

1.1 – What is a 200SX?

1.2 – Why “Silvia”?

1.3 – Oddities

1.3.1 – Sil-eighty

1.3.2 – One-via

1.3.3 –  Strawberry Face

1.3.4 – 240RS

1.3.5 – Nismo 270R

2.0 – History

2.1 – CSP311

2.2 – S10

2.3 – S11/S110

2.4 – S12

2.5 – S13

2.6 – S14

2.7 – S14A (S141)

2.8 – S15

2.9 – The future